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Egeberg team - Automated Pipeline Reports  

Automated pipeline reports are sent Monday through Friday:

Branch Manager receives 3 versions of the report -

    a) Rolling 18 months for entire branch showing current month pipeline, plus last 17 months,             including locked and funded totals for each month and for each year

    b) Current month and next month's Pipeline for the entire branch

    c) Current month and next month for Branch Manager only

Loan Officers receive 1 version of the report - 

    a) Current month and next month for their own loans

Color coding notes: 

  • When a loan funds, then entire transaction line is auto updated to light green


  • Red fill on dates means a ‘Needed’ or due by date has passed for that element and it has not been completed yet


  • Yellow fill on an actual date means the element was completed but completed late when compared to the Needed Date

Pipeline report snapshot. Fields included can be customized.  (No real data - sample data only)

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