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iLoan Concierge Service for Mortgage


Ever wish the repetitive tasks and communications to your customers,partners,

and even to your own team,could be automated? Then our completely automated database and marketing solution is for you!



  • The complete iLoan CRM for Mortgage solution PLUS!:

  • Automated synchronization from your Loan Origination System to your CRM database. This works with any LOS system,not just Encompass!

  • Automatic emails,calendar follow up reminders, or letter printing for any area of your business, including but not limited to: 
    -  Prospects - all types!
     -  In Process milestone updates and more!
    -  Post closed loan stay in touch
    -  Birthdays,Mortgage Anniversaries etc.
    -   Realtors and other Strategic Partners
    -   Recruiting


  • Use our pre-built automation's and content,or have us implement exactly what you want,or mix and match.

  • Changes to your automated system can be done at anytime and are included with the service.

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