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iLoan CRM with MyOwnEmailMarketing Automation 

Business Group

$85 per month per user 

(annual pre-pay or $119 per month paid monthly)

Do you consistently keep in touch with clients and real estate agents?  


Are you sending them recent and relevant articles with a personal feel?


We have teamed up with the world-class marketing expertise team at Loan Officer Magazine 

in order to provide you with state-of-the-art unique articles that are sent out for you automatically.  

This solution includes:


  • The complete iLoan CRM for Mortgage solution PLUS!:

  • Automated new, relevant, and response-getting Client articles sent to your Customers each month.

  • Automated industry specific,unique Realtor articles sent to your realtor contacts each month

  • Access to click reports, automated opt out function, and post to social media also included.

  • Access to a template library where you can also create your own templates and send them out at will.

Request Sample MyOwnEmailMarketing Articles Here

Looking for more?  Do you want a complete streamlined automated system, including automatic synch from your LOS, and completely hands-free prospect, in process, post close, internal follow up reminders, and other types of follow up ?    Then check out our powerful iLoan Concierge Service!

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